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United Technologies

UTC is a global technology corporation with a long history of pioneering innovation in aerospace, aviation, helicopter design, climate control, elevator design and hydrogen fuel cells. Since 11th March 2002 the American concern UTC is the majority shareholder of WSK "PZL-Rzeszow" S.A. It has enabled WSK to become a world leading aerospace manufacturer and to join the chain of world aerospace component suppliers and aircraft engine manufacturers.

For our Partners

To be a Supplier for WSK PZL-Rzeszów means to derive a benefits from flowing down a new technical solutions, high standards for business practices, operational excellence and support of high standing continuous improvement and lean manufacturing. What is more, our Partners have a pleasure to cooperate with experienced and qualified engineers. Effective management of our suppliers' chain constitutes a valuable guideline for dynamic development our Partners what is an essential of our corporation's strategy.

Supplier Quality Requirements

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